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We carry a variety of contemporary and bold headboards that will transform your bedroom into a room of comfortable sophistication. Come in today and see our full offering!

Headboard Sizes

The size of headboard needed is based on a many different factors but as a starting point we always take a look at the size of your room and mattress.

Headboard Width

While there are no standard sizes of headboard, many headboards fall between 0 and 3 inches wider than your mattress or bed frame. Headboards within this range usually cover the four basic mattress sizes: twin, double, queen and king.

When it comes to decorating, in some cases, it’s best to go with a bigger, extra wide headboard as the focal point of your room, matching your bedside tables, bookshelves and more. These headboards can be up to twice as wide as your bed. Because you don’t want them too big or too small, a great rule of thumb is to have it cover at least your bedside tables.

Headboard Height

The standard height of a headboard is 48’ inches but there are of course many exceptions to the rule. It should be kept in mind that the effective height of your mattress is not the height of headboard from the floor but rather the amount showing above the bed.

A mounted headboard is usually 3’ to 4’ inches below the top of the mattress with the bottom edge of the headboard hidden behind the bed. Standard headboard height ranges from 14’ inches above the top of the mattress for twin-sized headboards, and 29’ inches or more for queen and king-sized headboard.In some cases, people like to have extra tall headboards as an accent and focal point of the room. While they can be as tall as you want, we recommend that the headboard not be taller than the bed is long.

Extra tall headboards can be as tall as you want, with the general rule that the headboard isn’t taller than the bed.

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