MLILY: Wake Up Positive

When it comes to enjoying a great day, it all depends on how you’re feeling when you wake.

It can be tricky to pull yourself from a low mood in the morning, and even more difficult to have a great day if you leave the house still under that cloud. 

Take a look at these tips below to boost your mood each morning, from evening preparation through to what to do when you wake and how to feel better.

Get Active

When it comes to boosting mood and preparing for the day ahead, there’s nothing more beneficial than exercise. Although not an obvious choice for some, getting active in the morning can be perfect for shaking low mood as it releases endorphins, and these make us feel good.

If you’re reluctant to exercise, simple options such as walking or cycling to work can be great for boosting your mood.

Avoid Eating Late

Although it might not seem like an obvious option, what we eat before we sleep can have a direct impact on our mood as we wake.

Feasting on a heavy meal or an abundance of sugary snacks before bed can cause nighttime indigestion and interrupted sleep – and waking with a bloated stomach and cramps can really affect our mood.

Opt for a your evening meal a few hours before you sleep, and grab a light snack such as peanut butter or a banana before you sleep if you’re hungry.

Prepare In the Evening

One of the main causes of low mood in the morning can be put down to stress.

Despite stress effecting millions worldwide, there are plenty of things you can try to beat stressful thoughts and low mood in the morning.

Preparation can be brilliant for fighting stress.

Simple techniques such as laying out your outfit for the next day, preparing your lunch or writing down a to do list can make waking up feel better, and can avoid the morning rush.

Nourish Yourself

Focus on nourishing your body with good, wholesome food, as a great way to boost your mood.

When we wake tired and frustrated, it can be easy to just grab a coffee and head out the door. However, this can be even more detrimental to our mood, resulting in hunger cramps and dizziness by mid-morning!

Opt for a wholesome breakfast, to nourish your body and your mind, this can go a long way towards banishing your low mood.

Get Some Fresh Air and Sunlight

If you wake feeling low, it’s important to bring in the sunlight and fresh air as soon as you’re out of bed.

Sunlight is directly linked to serotonin production, which is brilliant for boosting mood, whilst fresh air can help you to feel awake and refreshed. Open the curtains, crack open the windows and opt for walking to work if you wake feeling a little off.

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