MLILY: 5 Exercises for a Healthy Sleep 💤😊

If you’ve been struggling to sleep lately, then the answer might lie in your actions before heading to bed.

Whilst a great evening routine, a hot bath and a brilliant mattress all play a role, the secret could also lie in the exercises you opt for during the day. 

Insomnia can be tough, but by including these exercises in your daily routine, you might just start falling asleep in no time.


One of the most exerting and probably the most feared type of exercises, burpees are also a brilliant way of burning plenty of calories and giving you an all over body workout.

The good thing about burpees is that you can do them anywhere, whether that’s after your run in your local park or in your living room during a great workout.

Burpees are certainly tiring, with studies showing that the exercise can work to improve sleep quality come the evening, just don’t try them too soon before heading to bed!


Swimming can be brilliant for boosting overall sleep quality.

Not only is it pretty accessible, with plenty of local leisure centres offering public swim times, it also delivers an all over body workout, boosts cardio and improves overall strength.

Swimming doesn’t just boost cardio, it can also make us super drowsy, as the drop in temperature when we climb out of the water followed by a hot shower or a drive home often results in a real longing for a warm, cosy bed.

Take a look at our article all about swimming and a healthy sleep by heading here.


Yoga can be brilliant for aiding sleep as it can be adapted to different needs and situations, for example, there are a wide variety of yoga poses which all cater towards a healthy sleep.

Poses such the cobra, downward dog, modified pigeon and the warrior can all be brilliant for stretching out sore muscles and aiding sleep.

Take a look at our article on sleep and yoga here to delve further into its benefits, or head here to read all about our partnership with yoga influencer Olivia Townsend.


Although walking might seem a little basic, it can actually play a pretty large role in improving overall sleep health and quality. Walking is a great way to exercise your entire body whilst also remaining calm and relaxed, especially if you’re heading on a stroll with a loved one or a friend.

Gentle walking can boost your mood and improve you health, leading to a much healthier, deeper sleep.


Squats can be a brilliant exercise for improving overall health, and they’re also much easier to adapt than burpees are.

Squats can still be a demanding exercise without any equipment, but can definitely be upped in intensity with the involvement of resistance bands or weights.

Try adding squats into your workout routine for a much needed rest come the evening!

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