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ELEMENTS OF A LUXURY BED The bedroom is often the last room to be properly decorated, yet it is where people spend the majority of their time. How it is designed will make an impact not only on its aesthetic appeal, but most importantly it will affect the quality of your sleep and your health. […]

DECIDE ON YOUR COLOUR PALETTEKeep things simple by coordinating cushions with existing décor. Look for colours and patterns that will coordinate with the colours you are already using in your space BE BOLDIf you have a neutral colour palette, you can select two or three bold coloured cushions to inject depth into space. Balance bold

It may seem daunting, but there are a few simple concepts in determining the quality of down. The quality of the down can vary depending on the age, and even the species of bird. When choosing down for our exceptional duvets, St.Genève always opts for mature down with a high Loft, rather than the small

Although at times they can be completely bizarre, dreams are a normal part of sleep and an everyday occurrence in our lives. Despite the vast majority of people being unable to remember what they dreamt the night before, we actually dream for two hours each night, usually as we enter into the ‘Rapid Eye Movement’

Sleep can definitely seem like a mystery at times. Despite it being a common, everyday activity in our lives, we are all still trying to work out why we sleep, what sleep actually is, and which factors determine or affect our rest.  Along with all the speculation appear plenty of sleep myths, some of which

Sleep disturbances throughout the night can definitely be a nuisance for many. Whilst they can be a pretty common occurrence, they’re also rather preventable. Take a look below at the main reasons you could be jumping awake. Your Room is Too Hot. To fall asleep quickly and deeply, your body needs to naturally cool down

The key to a healthy sleep could lie in what you consume moments before heading to bed. Take a look at our pick of the best pre-bedtime beverages. Packed full of sleep inducing tryptophan and magnesium, these drinks are perfect for a deep doze each night. Banana Smoothie Although it might not seem like the

Despite an ever increasing awareness on the importance of sleep, studies show that millions of people across the world still struggle to get the rest they need each night, with many clocking in under 7 hours of deep, restorative sleep. When it comes to sleep, your environment is key. From lighting to technology, noise pollution

When it comes to enjoying a great day, it all depends on how you’re feeling when you wake. It can be tricky to pull yourself from a low mood in the morning, and even more difficult to have a great day if you leave the house still under that cloud.  Take a look at these

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